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Firearm Manuals

A collection of manuals and instructions related to firearms, handheld weapons, and other related products. Includes scanned manuals, flyers, walkthroughs, and advertising.


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The ARCHIVE.ORG Manual Library

magazine 509
trigger 478
firing pin 412
bolt 390
safety 362
barrel 352
firearm 324
rifle 293
firing 287
spring 284
pin 278
gun 270
rear sight 264
slide 251
pistol 234
cartridge 229
hammer 222
recoil spring 207
trigger guard 171
rear 146
lever 142
ammunition 130
front sight 126
recoil 119
magazine catch 111
sight 108
und 99
magazine tube 97
bolt handle 94
del 89
shotgun 89
safe direction 87
receiver 86
die 84
spring guide 82
screw 75
firearms 73
remove 68
chamber 67
cocking 65
safety lever 65
des 63
top lever 62
assembly 61
browning 60
cylinder 60
instruction manual 58
sie 56
breech 55
ruger 55
bolt carrier 54
choke 52
muzzle 52
safety button 50
choke tube 49
muzzle pointed 49
manual safety 45
trigger bar 45
mit 44
revolver 44
sear 44
serious injury 44
bolt assembly 42
safe 42
magazine release 41
model 41
cleaning rod 40
das 40
magazine spring 40
plunger 40
sie die 40
slide catch 40
cocking lever 39
carrier 38
trigger pull 38
charging handle 37
die waffe 37
trigger housing 37
den 36
forend 36
american armory 35
cocking handle 35
european american 35
operating handle 35
product service 35
steel shot 35
tube 35
dans 34
gas cylinder 34
powder 34
bore 33
safety instructions 33
est 32
locking 32
retaining pin 32
action 31
manual 31
single action 31
bolt head 30
double action 30
main spring 30
remington 30
slide lock 30
trigger mechanism 30
weapon 30
caliber 29
trigger group 29
decocking lever 28
bullet 27
colt 27
forearm 27
grip 27
grip safety 27
hammer spring 27
models 27
ejector 26
magazine latch 26
nach 26
safety mechanism 26
base pin 25
black powder 25
block safety 25
breech block 25
breech bolt 25
con 25
gas 25
serial number 25
barrel bushing 24
les 24
locking device 24
warranty 24
canon 23
cleaning 23
gas piston 23
repeating arms 23
selector lever 23
sie den 23
barrel bore 22
beretta 22
butt plate 22
choke tubes 22
grip frame 22
locking lever 22
lower receiver 22
pivot pin 22
rearward 22
selector 22
upper receiver 22
winchester 22
cartridge lifter 21
cocking piece 21
het 21
mit dem 21
piston 21
powder charge 21
scope mount 21
submachine gun 21
trigger block 21
long rifle 20
oder 20
striker 20
van 20
waffe 20
catch lever 19
floor plate 19
gun handling 19
half cock 19
para 19
pin spring 19
safety depends 19
stock 19
sur 19
thumb safety 19
votre carabine 19
action bar 18
bolt action 18
breech plug 18
depends 18
extractor 18
gas tube 18
loaded chamber 18
mit der 18
muzzleloading 18
recoil pad 18
release button 18
trigger spring 18
van het 18
adjustment 17
barrels 17
cartridge case 17
der waffe 17
figure 17
guard 17
latch 17
left hand 17
legia spray 17
loading 17
retaining 17
rod 17
safety rules 17
english 1,132
Date Published
Topics: bolt, rifle, bore, hdy, spr, firing, solvent, rifles, firing pin, cartridge, spr rnn, hdy spp, win...
Firearm Manuals
Topics: lever, bolt, selector, trigger, hammer, release, sear, catch, ruger, pivot, release lever, selector...
Topics: bolt, figure, rear, carrier, magazine, sight, firing, bayonet, remove, muzzle, driving spring,...
Firearm Manuals
Topics: boss, rifle, barrel, win, mag, locknut, browning, fed, micrometer, win mag, bar mark, micrometer...
Topics: sear, trigger, slide, rearward, pivot, disconnector, engages, hammer, tripping, secondary, trigger...
M240 - Machine Gun Manual - TM 9-1005-313-10
Topics: assembly, barrel, weapon, gun, machine, maintenance, firing, corrective, remove, procedures,...
Topics: rifle, sleeve, model, winchester, gun, action, magazine, operating, rearward, figure, breech bolt,...
Topics: magazine, bolt, barrel, super, choke, gun, trigger, tube, shotgun, remove, trigger group, choke...
Topics: shooter, sight, trigger, pistol, firing, alignment, shooting, shot, eye, arc, rear sight, slow...
Topics: hammer, model, rifle, winchester, extension, bolt, gun, sight, receiver, blade, sight blade, serial...
Topics: trigger, rifle, screw, sear, adjustment, kimber, bolt, sight, engagement, rear, adjustment screw,...
Topics: gauge, magnum, barrel, gun, magazine, browning, shotgun, gauges, friction, tube, magazine tube,...
Firearm Manuals
CVA Inline
Topics: cva, bolt, powder, pyrodex, barrel, breech, rifles, projectile, muzzleloading, blackpowder, breech...
Topics: rifle, carbine, rifles, carbines, sniper, bayonet, soviet, dragoon, rear, ordi, soviet rifles,...
Topics: rib, browning, recoil, screw, barrel, gun, lever, adjustment, stock, forearm, cheek piece, recoil...
Firearm Manuals
Interarms Mkx
Topics: trigger, screw, magnum, rear, bolt, standard, spring, magazine, sight, windage, rear sight, front...
Firearm Manuals
Topics: carbine, trigger, spring, rear, slide, operating, bolt, inspect, receiver, disconnector, operating...
Hk Mp5 ARmorers Manual
Topics: bolt, trigger, locking, heckler, armorers, spring, instruction, lever, international, impulse,...
Firearm Manuals
Jchiggins 60
Topics: cartridge, trigger, higgins, spring, model, bead front, action, bolt, pin, gun, guard, trigger...
Thompsoncenter Black Diamond
Topics: powder, ffg, muzzleloader, muzzleloading, firearm, striker, caliber, bullet, breech, projectile,...
Thompsoncenter Thunder Hawk
Topics: powder, muzzleloading, firearm, bore, ffg, striker, caliber, shooter, bullet, thunderhawk, black...
Firearm Manuals
Davis D22-D25-D32
Topics: firing, hammer, derringer, pistol, safety, ammunition, extractor, gun, barrel, spring, store...
Topics: recoilless, browning, pad, gun, butt, barrel, shotgun, recoil, invector, firearm, drive spring,...
Topics: magazine, spring, pin, bolt, compression, receiver, stock, detent, catch, trigger, magazine catch,...
Topics: pistol, slide, hammer, trigger, magazine, barrel, firing, recoil, spring, grip, recoil spring,...
Hatsan Escort Magnum Shotgun
Topics: magazine, bolt, firearm, choke, cartridge, barrel, trigger, safety, cocking, spring, magazine tube,...
Thompsoncenter Firehawk
Topics: powder, muzzleloading, firearm, bore, ffg, caliber, striker, shooter, bullet, fire, black powder,...
Franchi 48Al
Topics: magazine, bolt, friction, forend, spring, gun, recoil, trigger, barrel, ring, friction ring,...
Topics: bolt, rifle, trigger, sight, pin, carrier, receiver, firing, magazine, barrel, bolt carrier,...
Topics: magazine, breech, tripping, lever, trigger, barrel, remove, catch, insert, block, breech block,...
Topics: spring, bolt, pin, pistol, catch, trigger, slide, receiver, lever, magazine, compression spring,...
Ruger P89-P944 Decocker
Topics: pistol, slide, magazine, ruger, cartridge, firearms, decocking, firing, lever, firearm, decocking...
Topics: rifle, trigger, garand, rear, sight, rod, bolt, operating, barrel, cylinder, operating rod, gas...
Stoeger Luger
Topics: luger, magazine, plunger, stoeger, gun, sear, toggle, takedown, firing, remove, takedown plunger,...
Topics: cylinder, hammer, revolver, grip, blackhawk, trigger, models, frame, sight, ruger, grip frame,...
Armscor Airrifle
Topics: valve, air, trigger, receiver, screw, bolt, retainer, spring, housing, charging, air receiver,...
AMT Backup DA
Topics: pistol, firearms, magazine, firearm, slide, chamber, firing, amt, muzzle, cartridge, ear...
Browning 2000 Autoshotgun
Topics: bolt, forearm, gas, barrel, browning, carrier, gun, piston, trigger, pin, gas piston, carrier...
The Rifle 5.56mm C7 and the Carbine 5.56mm C8 - B-GL-385-001
Topics: firing, rifle, target, practice, soldier, firers, firer, position, fire, range, range practice,...
Topics: heckler, ijk, instructions, lever, maintenance, koch, operation, butt, spring, bolt, maintenance...
Colt Mkiv Series 80 380 Auto Pistols
Topics: pistol, safety, slide, magazine, spring, hammer, firing, colt, trigger, depends, safety depends,...
Firearm Manuals
Breda 12
Topics: del, dans, magasin, des, serbatoio, breda, les, ressort, magazine, pour, des cartouches, spring...
Topics: slide, barrel, recoil, spring, link, rod, bushing, pistol, guide, cartridge, slide forward, dry...
Mossberg 9200
Topics: firearm, bolt, magazine, rearward, tube, safety, gun, forend, barrel, action, magazine tube,...
Browning B80
Topics: browning, gun, magazine, forearm, bolt, spring, shotgun, barrel, trigger, gauge, forearm cap,...
Phoenix Hp22-Hp22A-Hp25-Hp25A
Topics: pistol, magazine, pin, barrel, firing, slide, safety, spring, trigger, chamber, pin block, firing...
Winchester Boss Supplement
Topics: rifle, boss, barrel, locknut, muzzle, gun, model, browning, firearm, ammunition, repeating arms,...
Topics: bolt, rifle, winchester, model, magazine, cleaning, gun, receiver, figure, safety, repeating arms,...
Topics: tracer, bullet, psi, magnesium, drill, igniter, tracers, mesh, compound, press, tracer compound,...
Topics: sight, buck, pistol, browning, recoil, screw, magazine, slide, figure, buck mark, sight base, pro...
CVA Sidelock
Topics: cva, yards, powder, muzzle, yard, ffg, velocity, projectile, fps, bullet, velocity fps, powder...
Taurus Pistol Update
Topics: firearm, slide, pin, spring, safety, trigger, magazine, muzzle, firing, taurus, muzzle pointed,...
Anschutz 1416-1516
Topics: sie, und, vous, rifle, votre, oder, est, das, die, votre arme, wenn sie, sie die, ihr gewehr,...
CVA Optima Elite
Topics: cva, optima, elite, powder, barrel, warranty, breech, muzzleloading, rifle, optima elite, firearm,...
Topics: bolt, model, firing, breech, rifle, magazine, cartridge, gun, pin, safety, firing pin, breech bolt,...
German Zdv312 Schiessen Mit Handwaffen
Topics: die, und, mit, den, auf, das, des, fur, schutzen, der schutze, fur den, mit dem, die ziele, die...
Topics: bolt, lever, firing, trigger, locking, pin, spring, barrel, magazine, bolt head, firing pin,...
Topics: magazine, barrel, spring, recoil, slide, trigger, pin, pistol, hammer, weapon, takedown latch,...
Topics: hammer, magazine, model, shotgun, gun, finger, manual, chamber, winchester, position, manual...
Lyman Blackpowder
Topics: lyman, barrel, powder, plains, lock, rifle, trigger, sight, pistol, screw, black powder, great...
Topics: models, hammer, bisley, cylinder, revolver, grip, blued, frame, trigger, stainless, blued models,...
Mossberg 817 Manual
Topics: firearm, bolt, rifle, magazine, safety, mossberg, trigger, pin, button, firing, safety button,...
Winchester Sx3
Topics: magazine, bolt, shotgun, firearm, choke, barrel, remove, piston, spring, receiver, magazine spring,...
Browning Bl22
Topics: rifle, hammer, lever, browning, magazine, gun, muzzle, pin, trigger, bolt, lever action, full cock,...
Browning Hipower Field
Topics: sear, trigger, slide, lever, pin, magazine, safety, spring, assembly, sight, sear lever, firing...
Beretta AL391 Urika
Topics: firearm, breech, bolt, safety, valve, barrel, unloaded, ejection, magazine, beretta, breech bolt,...
Hk Sl6 Sl7
Topics: und, aaa, waffe, die, sie, nach, das, den, mit, der waffe, die waffe, waffe ist, verschlubkopf und,...
CVA Electra
Topics: cva, breech, barrel, electra, ignition, plug, cleaning, rifle, powder, gun, electronic ignition,...
Beretta 22LR
Topics: con, trigger, gruppo, molla, bolt, vite, della, caricatore, del, breech, trigger guard, front...
Winchester 1300
Topics: magazine, barrel, trigger, model, bolt, slide, choke, shotgun, gun, winchester, trigger guard,...
Accutek At25 At32 At380
Topics: firearm, trigger, magazine, slide, spring, hammer, safety, pistol, ammunition, guard, trigger...
Topics: spring, pistol, trigger, slide, pin, maintenance, hammer, firing, receiver, recoil, firing pin,...
Firearm Manuals
Topics: lever, trigger, magazine, hammer, slide, pin, firing, safety, spring, insert, firing pin, decocking...
Topics: bolt, trigger, cocking, firing, spring, rear, pin, sight, guard, groove, firing pin, cocking piece,...
Mossberg 802
Topics: firearm, bolt, rifle, magazine, mossberg, safety, trigger, pin, button, firing, safety button,...